Rental Policies

Rental Period

  • You can take the gear as long as you require, we have daily rates, multi-day, weekly and even further
  • Rentals are based on 1 business day, Not 24 hrs. You may pick up the night before after 4pm at no extra charge or simply pick up in the morning on your way out.
  • Rentals are due by close on the same day of the rental (Don’t worry we’re open late!)  **the exception is if you pick up after 4pm the evening before
  •  Examples:
    • Pick Up Friday 4pm, Return Saturday before close = 1 Day Rental
    • Pick Up Friday 4pm, Return anytime Sunday = 2 Day Rental
    • Pick Up Saturday am, Due before close Saturday pm = 1 Day Rental

    *Don’t hesitate to call us and ask any questions, certain exceptions apply!

  • E-Bike 1 Day rentals are 8am-8pm, there is no prior day after 4pm pick ups for 1 Day rentals



  • We require a credit card Pre-Authorization and photo identification on all rentals
  • Credit card holder must be present at the time of pick up with matching photo identification
  • 18+ Only
  • We do not accept pre-paid or debit-credit cards as a deposit



We pride ourselves in renting quality equipment in good condition and we expect our customers to return the gear in the same order. All of our gear is inspected for safety, performance and cleanliness upon arrival and before heading out again.