Fishing Boats and Motors

fishing boat and motor rental
fishing boat and motor rental






Fishing boats and motors

    • Fishing boats and motors include: Oars and safety kit(bailer, whistle, rope)
    • 2 inch hitch needed and flat four wiring.
    • Full gas tank provided (customer is charged for gas used on return)
    • Reservations recommended for Fishing boat rental.
    • Click Here for PFD and paddle info.

Jon Boats

12ft./14ft Jon Boats * No Trailer1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7 Day+/Day
Boat Only$135$225$300$365$420$465$505$35
Boat & 6 Hp Motor$185$305$405$490$560$620$670$50
Boat & 9.9 Hp Motor$195$320$425$515$590$655$710$55

Jon Boat 

2 Adults

545 lbs. maximum weight capacity

Maximum 10 Hp. motor

12′ or 14′ length

52.5” in width

** Jon boats do not come with Trailers and would need to be transported in the bed of a truck or on a roof rack.**

The Jon Boat is a flat-bottomed drift boat ideal for floating rivers.
Jon boat







Fishing Boats and Trailers

14ft. Fishing Boats * Includes Trailer1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7 Day+/Day
Boat  Only$185$305$405$490$560$620$670$55
Boat & 6 Hp Motor$215$355$475$575$660$730$790$65
Boat & 9.9 Hp Motor$225$370$495$600$690$765$830$70
Boat & 15 Hp Motor$245$405$540$655$755$840$910$75
Temporary Boat License$20

14ft. Lund Fishing Boats

    • Length 14′ 1″
    • Max HP Capacity 15 HP
    • Beam Width 61″
    • Max Persons 3
    • Standard Boat Weight 194 lbs
    • Transom Height15″
    • Boat/Motor/Trailer Towing Weight 473 lbs

Note:  All boats come equipped with oars, and the 14 ft boats are available with trailers.

            PFD’s are not included in the price of the boat rental.

Motors Only

Motors Only1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7 DayAdd Day
6 Hp$100$165$220$265$305$340$370$35
9.9 Hp$125$205$275$335$385$430$470$40
15 Hp$135$225$300$365$420$465$505$45

fishing boat and motor rental