Car Racks

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Car Racks

Car Racks1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7 Day+/Day
Ski Box/Luggage BoxMin 4 Dayn/an/a$95$115$130$145$15
Jumbo Luggage BoxMin 4 Dayn/an/a$125$150$170$185$20
Trunk Mount Rack$40$75$105$130$150$165$180$15
Roof Rack (per bike)$25$45$60$75$90$105$120$5
Thule 2 Bike Hitch mount$40$75$105$130$150$165$180$15
Thule 4 Bike Hitch mount$50$95$135$170$200$225$245$20


  • Roof racks require a vehicle with cross bars
  • Receiver racks require a 2 inch receiver
  • Luggage/Ski Boxes are minimum 4 Day rentals
  • Hitch mount racks hold 4 bikes
  • Roof racks hold one single bike

Bike Roof Rack


Yakima Front Loader

  • Fits Yakima round, square, factory or aerodynamic crossbars
  • Zero contact with frame; carbon fiber and custom paint jobs are protected
  • Accommodates disc brakes, thru axles, and full suspension bikes
  • Holds bike upright while you secure the bike to the mount
  • Leave your front wheel on for easy loading (some fenders may need to be removed to transport bike)
  • No tools or assembly required
  • Fits 20” to 29” wheels with tire widths up to 3″
  • 1 bike, up to 40 lbs at min of 18” crossbar spread; or up to 30 lbs at min of 16” crossbar spread
  • Fits bikes with up to a 48″ wheelbase
  • Minimum and maximum crossbar spreads: 16” – 48”

Trunk Mount Rack







Thule Raceway Pro 2 


  • Carries up to two bikes, locking them to the vehicle
  • SureTight ratcheting locking cables with enhanced security covers securely fasten the rack to your vehicle
  • Patented FitDial guarantees a perfect fit to your vehicle
  • Premium cradles with HoldFast Road Dampening Technology secures the bike and absorbs road shock compared to cheaper rigid plastic cradles on lower end racks
  • Patent NoSway cages prevent bike-to-bike contact by strapping around the seat tube of the bike frame, minimizing bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle contact
  • Moulded rubber pads provide firm hold to vehicle and protect against scratches
  • Bike arms are independently adjustable with narrow cradle arms to hold a variety of bike frames including smaller kids bikes
  • Lockable cable secures bike to carrier (Thule One Key locks are included)
  • Folds up flat for convenient storage
  • Add a Thule 982XT Frame Adaptor to carry bike frames without a straight top tube, or with full suspension
  • Load capacity: 70 lbs / 31.8 kg
  • Product weight: 21.8 lbs / 9.9 kg
  • Product instructions: PDF download (external link)

Bike Hitch Rack






Thule T2 Classic:

  • Secure bikes quickly without frame contact with the frame-free ratcheting arm
  • Eliminate bike interference by adjusting side to side to create generous spacing between bike mounts
  • Ideal for carbon frames, mountain, downhill, ebikes and fat bikes as it fits 20 – 29” wheels and up to 5” tires without adapters (does not fit 27.5″ fat bike)
  • Convenient access to rear of vehicle when bikes are loaded – rack tilts away from vehicle via HitchSwitch lever
  • Bike rack locks to vehicle with SnugTite Lock included
  • Possible to increase the load capacity from 2 to up to 4 bikes with Thule T2 Classic Bike Add-on
  • Carries up to 60Lbs per tray with a 2″ hitch and 160lbs total with the 2 bike add-on. (4 bikes max)
  • Not for use with front fenders
  • Cannot be installed on Trailers or other Towed Vehicles



Ski Box: Thule Ascent 1100

Car Racks







The Thule 602 Ascent 1100 cargo box is 11 cubic feet and holds 5-6 pairs of skis. The Thule 602 Ascent cargo box has a smooth aerodynamic design, minimizing wind resistance. This cargo box is easy to mount, open and lock.

  • 11 cubic feet of storage space
  • Holds 5-6 pairs of skis
  • Box Outer Dimensions 88.5 in. X 28.5 in. X 12.4 in.

Luggage box: Yakima Rocketbox 12

Car Racks









The black Yakima RocketBox 12s is great for shorter roofs, sedans, or larger-vehicle owners who have stuff that they do not want to carry inside the car. Somehow, the unique Yakima RocketBox 12s manages to be both compact and spacious all at once.

  • A modest 12 cubic feet of storage space
  • Box Outer Dimensions: 58 inches x 38 inches x 15 inches

Luggage Box: Yakima Rocketbox 14









The black Yakima RocketBox 14s is great for shorter roofs, sedans, or larger-vehicle owners who have stuff that they do not want to carry inside the car.


  • A roomy 14 cubic feet of storage space
  • Box outer dimensions 74 inches x 33 inches x 16 inches

Car Racks