Bike Repair Calgary


Professional Bike Repair, Fast Service & Competitive Rates

With a large variety of services Sports Rent can get your bike out of the garage and on to the trails in no time. We offer services for those who just need specific repairs or a complete bike repair.

We do not require appointments and simply ask for you to leave your bike for a few days until the bike repairs are completed (3-5 Days).



Complete Bicycle Tune $85!

Services included in our complete bicycle tune-up:


  • Brakes & Levers Adjustments
  • Handle Bar Safety Check
  • Headset Check and Minor Adjustments
  • Bottom Bracket Check & Minor Adjustments
  • Cranks & Pedals Safety Check & Adjustments
  • Derailleur Adjustments
  • Minor Wheel Truing, Hub Check and Minor Adjustments
  • Chain Check, Clean & Lubrication
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Saddle Tight and Straight Check
  • Full Bike Wash, Detail and Degrease
  • Test Ride

*Parts and Major Repairs Extra


Bike Service

Bike ServiceRates
Change Tire & Tube  (Per Wheel)$15
Adjust Gears$30
Adjust Brakes$30
Wheel Truing  (By estimate)$30+
Adjust Bottom Bracket$20
Adjust Wheel Hubs$20
Adjust Headset$20
Cable Installation$20
Spoke Installation – Front$35 + Spokes ($5 each)
Spoke Installation – Rear$50 + Spokes ($5 each)
Install Grips$10
Wrap Road grip tape$20
Brake Bleed (per brake) With TUNE UP$30
Brake Bleed (per brake) Without TUNE UP$40
Install Chain$20
BB Repack$35
HS Repack$30
Front Hub Repack$30
Rear Hub Repack$30

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