Calgary Area Bike Trails

 local bicycle routes and suggestions:


Leisure / Pathway



Sports Rent to Eau Claire

  • Short, quick ride along the river to the beautiful Princes Island Park downtown
  • Perfect for an afternoon ride after work or a short family ride

Sports Rent to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

  •  Longer ride, easy terrain, allows you to see Eau Claire Market, downtown Calgary, Inglewood, Harveys passage and the beautiful bike trails along the river connecting to south Calgary.
  • As an alternative way back head to the north side of the river downtown and bike by the Calgary Zoo

Glenmore Resevoir Loop

  • Easy, scenic, a few small hills
  • Busy on the weekends

Road Cycling


Heritage/Fish Creek Loop

  • Beautiful, less traveled city pathways through fish creek. Beware of construction and pathway detours.
  • Majority pathway riding, few short sections on roadways.
  • Large variety of scenery and terrain




Sports Rent to Bragg Creek

  • Beautiful longer ride to the hamlet of Bragg Creek, lots of hills and beware of head winds
  • Majority of route is on road ways, riders should be comfortable riding in traffic on the shoulder
  • Best in the morning or later afternoon during low traffic periods.
  • Skip the city congestion and park at Springbank High school.


Calgary Pathway Loop

  • Long ride, variety of flat and hills
  • Mostly paved pathways
  • See the whole city!

Tour de Calgary 100K


Mountain Biking


  • Intermediate trails, quick and fun.
  • Entrance is a small gravel parking lot directly off of Sarcee Trail heading SW.

West Bragg Creek


Sibbald Flats

 Side Show Bob

Other Suggestions:

Twelve Mile Coulee – Calgary

Fish Creek Single Track – Calgary

Nose Hill Park- Calgary

Iron Creek / Elbow – Kananaskis

Pneuma – Kananaskis

Powder Face to Prairie Link – Kananaskis

Moose Mountain – Kananaskis

West Bragg Trails – Bragg Creek

Elbow Loop – Kananaskis