Bow River Float Times

 Where to Put In and Take Out for your next rafting trip!






Ghost Dam


27 km / 4 hours

Class ll rapid sections some sweepers and strainers.

Gas Plant


10 km / 2-3 hours

Class l rapids sections some sweepers and strainers.


Bearspaw Dam

25 km/ 8-10 hours

*** NOT ***


Slow moving water, must cross Bearspaw reservoir(very slow and lots of paddling)

Bearspaw Dam

Calgary Zoo

St. Georges Island

23 km / 3-4 hours

One section of class I rapids, fast moving water by bridge abutments.

Watch for the weir warnings

Bowness Park

Edworthy Park

8 km / 1-2 hours

Treed islands which branch river, Sandstone cliffs.

Bowness Park

Prince’s Island

15 km / 2-3 hours

Treed islands, difficult to park at Prince’s Island

Bowness Park

Calgary Zoo

19 km / 2-4 hours

Treed Islands, fast water by bridge abutments.

Fish Creek Park (22 X under bridge)

McKinnon Flats

32 km / 4-8 hours

Class l rapids just before take out

(rapid on right side of island) Sandstone cliffs, treed islands.

Fish creek Park 22 X

Carsland Dam

55 km / 8-12 hrs.

Best as overnight

Class l rapid at McKinnon flats, Pelicans, Blue Herons, Sandstone cliffs treed islands.


** Note: The Bow River float times are based on an average river speed of 6-8 km/h. These times do not include headwinds and shuttle times. The nature of this river can cause times to fluctuate throughout the season.


Things to remember!


  • An approved life jacket must be worn at all times while boating within the city limits.
  • A bailer or sponge, rescue throw line, 2 paddles and a whistle are required by law.      We also recommend a spare paddle.
  • Be prepared for cold water immersion! Bring extra clothes in a water proof bag. Wear a wetsuit when immersion is more likely.
  • Bring drinking water snacks and lunch, sun protection and wind and rain protection.
  • Stay close to shore when lake paddling. The wind can pick up without warning.
  • Stay alert at all times. Watch for rocks. Trees over and under river (sweepers and strainers) shallow sections, bridge abutments and river braiding.
  • Tell someone where you are going, and when you expect to return.
  • Inflatable rafts are not permitted on the Glenmore Reservoir.

Please have fun and play safe.