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Package- Skis, boots & poles$65$120$165$205$240$275$305$30
Skis & Poles$55$105$150$190$225$255$280$25
Boots Only$30$55$75$90$105$120$135$10
Ski Helmet w/ rental$10$15$20$25$25$25$25$0

Performance ski package includes skis, boots and poles, helmets are an additional charge

A Credit Card Pre-Authorization of $500 is required for all Performance ski rentals

Brand new 2022/2023 demo skis! Head, Nordica, Salomon, Rossignol,  and Volkl  ski models.

High performance skis to fit any rider’s needs

Professionally tuned and ready to go!

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DEMO SKI BOOT Performance ski

Nordica Speed Machine 110

Flex: 110





The  Speed machine 110 delivers top of the line all mountain performance, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for you. With its fully customizable Infrared Tri-Force shell and 3D cork fit liner design the Speed machine delivers high performance and precision without sacrificing comfort.  This boot was built to take on anything you or the mountain can throw at it. Powerful, comfortable and fun. -Nordica



Rossignol Experience 82 Konect Basalt   (160-184cm)

Tip: 127 Waist: 82 Tail: 115 Radius: 16m@176cm



Experience a full carve across the entire resort. The Experience 82 Basalt ski brings a lightweight build and the predictable edge control of full sidewall construction for all-resort skiing. A paulownia wood core reduces overall weight, while basalt layers absorb vibration for a smooth ride. The confidence-boosting control of our Drive Tip design works with the sidecut and full sidewall construction for smooth turn initiation and a powerful edge through the entire turn. An 82mm waist balances a quick feel edge to edge with the width to handle varied conditions.


 Volkl Deacon 84 (167-182cm)

Tip: 132 Waist: 84 Tail: 115 Radius: 16.9m@177cm



A brand new ski featuring our latest technologies – 3D Radius Side cut design and Titanal frame – is the Deacon 84. This is the go-to SUV ski of the 19/20 season, with the stability of a full wood core and Titanal Frame, and the turn shape versatility that only 3D Radius sidecut design can deliver. This new side cut design features 3 distinct radii within the shape, subtly combining to allow skiers to change their turn shape at will. Our engineers didn’t stop there – the new iPT Lowride binding system is a full 1cm lower in stand height than the former WideRide XL – for quicker edge changes, and a huge weight savings of over 400 grams per pair.. –


 Head Kore 90 X (156cm-184cm)

Tip: 130 Waist: 91 Tail: 113 Radius: 14.7m @ 170cm




With a versatile 90 mm waist, the KORE X 90 can arc up groomers or handle cut-up snow, thanks to a blend of materials like Graphene, with a high strength-to-weight ratio, and Karuba wood which adds stability. Tip and tail rocker—plus the sandwich cap construction enhanced with a new topsheet shape—creates a huge bandwidth for a variety of skills. Whether stepping on the gas or cruising around the mountain, the KORE X 90 is built to accommodate..


Rossignol Experience 86 Basalt  (167-185cm)

Tip: 132 Waist: 86 Tail: 120 Radius: 16m @ 176cm



All resort. All the time. The Experience 86 Basalt ski blends a lightweight build with a smooth ride for carving across the entire mountain. A paulownia wood core reduces overall weight, while basalt layers absorb vibration for a smooth, quiet feel. An 86mm waist adds versatility and stability across changing snow conditions. The confidence-boosting control of our Drive Tip design works with the sidecut and full sidewall construction for smooth turn initiation and a powerful edge through the entire turn.


Volkl Mantra M6 (170-184cm)

Tip: 135 Waist: 96 Tail: 119 Radius: 18m@177cm



How do you improve a legend? You retain the features that made the ski famous and add the latest innovations, which allow progress where a year ago you couldn’t see any room for improvement. The new Mantra M6 again comes with a multilayer wood core and tip and tail rocker. But in the coming season, the newly designed ski body will, for the first time, be adapted to a 3D radius side cut concept with a tailored Titanal frame. By adapting the Titanal components to the various ski lengths and thus to the skier’s proportions, not only can the tip and tail ends be weight-optimized, but the torsional stiffness can also be influenced, thereby improving the ride qualities. This retains the familiar stability of a Titanal ski while also making the Mantra M6 noticeably lighter and more agile to control. The new handling characteristics of the Mantra M6 are also enhanced by the tailored carbon tip. The dedicated positioning of the carbon fibres results in a precise tip response and vastly improves the ski’s torsional stiffness. In summary, the Mantra M6 is even more versatile than its predecessor and once again offers maximum fun!


Salomon QST 98 (169-189cm)

Tip: 132 Waist: 98 Tail: 120 Radius: 16m@176cm



We can’t guarantee that the QST 98 will make you ski like Nico Vuignier, but we bet that you’ll love the innovative freeride shape that keeps this ski winning awards year after year. The 98’s full sandwich double sidewalls and cork damplifier create stability in the park and pow, while rocker plus traditional camber make this ski a favorite for all.


Nordica Enforcer 100 (165-186cm)

Tip: 132.5 Waist: 100 Tail: 120.5 Radius: 16.5m@179cm



Guided by a commitment to relentless refinement, Nordica has completely reimagined the Enforcer 100. Thanks to a new construction and an upgraded tip design, this best-selling ski offers a more playful feel and even greater versatility—while continuing to deliver its legendary all mountain performance. For a trusted ride that’s especially smooth and stable, it pairs an all new carbon chassis with a new core profile and two sheets of metal. In addition to dampening vibrations and reducing weight, this creates a more forgiving ski that also maximizes stability and response. And to boost confidence in variable conditions, the Enforcer features an early rise tip and slight tail rocker with traditional camber under foot. Armed with a modern design, it allows you to ski how you want—where you want. Smoother and more playful than ever, the new Enforcer 100 redefines what an all mountain ski can


Rossignol Sender 104 TI (164-186cm)

Tip: 138 Waist: 104 Tail: 128 Radius: 18m@178cm



Fresh tracks to hard pack, the new Sender 104 Ti is your ticket to ride the whole mountain. It brings an effortless, responsive feel to go anywhere the snow takes you, inbounds or out thanks to it’s double LCT and Air Tip technology. Our vibration dampening tech balances a lightweight paulownia wood core for the versatility to cruise or charge at will. Fly beyond the boundaries and roll through mixed conditions without


Head Kore 105 (170-184cm)

Tip: 132 Waist: 103 Tail: 123 Radius: 16.5@177cm



As the ultimate lightweight freeride ski, the KORE 105 has versatility for all-mountain adventures. The KORE construction reduces weight without sacrificing performance, thanks to a combination of Graphene, Karuba wood and multi layers of carbon. The sandwich sidewall construction adds responsiveness on hard pack snow, and tip and tail rocker provides flotation for deep days. HEAD’s new topsheet shape adds durability for hard-charging freeride skiers.


Blizzard Spur (159-179cm)

Tip: 147 Waist: 127 Tail: 136 Radius: 24.5@179cm



When the digital weather forecast displays 10 days in a row of snowflake icons, grab the Spur and go to the mountain. Nothing else matters. With varying waist widths, that are specific to target skier’s length choice, and Blizzard’s Carbon Flipcore technology, it’s the modern version of a fat pow ski. Carbon Flipcore makes the ski less demanding to ride, but also stable and powerful to surf into the deep. A rocker-camber-rocker profile makes the Spur nimble and easy to surf effortlessly in all types of pow. The Spur is not a ski for every day. It’s a ski for powder days, when everything lines up and you’re in the right place at the right time.-



Volkl  Blaze 86 W (148-166cm)

Tip: 129 Waist: 86 Tail: 111 Radius: 11m @ 152cm



The Blaze 86 W builds on what the other models are known for: lightness, versatility and agility. Because there is no Titanal, the ski is a bit more sprightly and also a bit lighter. The Blaze 86 W is designed for quick, tight turns, although the side cut’s three different radii also master demanding terrain, speed and long, drawn-out curves. Suspension tips and tails give the ski composure, increase flotation and protect the ski off-piste. The Blaze 86 W is a great ski touring option for backcountry ladies who are happy to accept 100 g of extra weight in exchange for a much improved skiing experience. Built around a light, high-performance, full tip-to-tail wood core, it can handle ascents and makes descending a pleasure (except if the snow is too deep). A highly versatile technological setup which gives the Blaze 86 W an intuitive feel and an unusual level of


Blizzard Black Pearl 88 (147cm-165cm)

Tip: 126 Waist: 88 Tail: 108 Radius: 12m @ 153cm



If you are looking for a ski that rips on groomers and cuts through crud but won’t bog you down in fresh snow, the Black Pearl 88 is your tried and true. The 88mm-waisted ski provides an unmatched level of versatility for intermediate to advanced skiers but is also strong enough for expert skiers who like to up the ante. Each ski is specifically designed by size to give that individual skier the experience they’re after, whether it’s casual cruising or laying it down. The TrueBlend Flipcore with a Women’s Specific Design provides stability and strength, with a side cut that can easily rotate between short, medium or long radius turns. Click in, have some fun and show ’em who’s


Head Kore 97 W (156cm-170cm)

Tip: 129 Waist: 95 Tail: 115 Radius: 14.1m @ 163cm



Buttery light with a strong backbone, the KORE 97 W’s lightweight construction means great touring capability and more energy for all-mountain adventures. A blend of materials reduce weight without sacrificing performance such as light Graphene fused into the rockered tip and tail. Light but stiff Karuba wood in the core is sandwiched by triaxle woven carbon adding responsiveness, while a new durable top sheet shape rounds out the KORE 97 W’s offering as a one-ski quiver for the adventurous freeride


Salomon QST Stella 106  (159cm-167cm)

Tip: 137 Waist: 106 Tail: 123 Radius: 17m @ 167cm



Ripping ladies rejoice – the QST Stella 106 is your go-to. Charge big film lines like Emma Patterson and Leah Evans with this 106-waisted freeride ski. With its innovative shape, C/FX layup, and cork inserts for power and stability, the Stella is nimble, charging big lines and navigating tight couloirs.-